April 25, 2018
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PET Packs for Environmental Sampling
  • 500mL PET wide mouth bottle with label
  • Assembled with valve seal cap for leakproof seal
  • Bottles are packed in convenient shipper
  • 6 bottles per pack, 12 packs per case

Sample Nabber Reach Pole

Finally, a reach pole designed with the sampler in mind!

This 15' sample pole is made of polished aluminum and comes with attached stainless steel bottle holder that has the added advantage of being totally flexible. This allows the technician to get a sample in a flow of water as little as 2 inches.

The bottle holder is capable of holding containers from 200mL to 1000mL in size. The pole telescopes from 6' to 15' allowing the sampler to reach from shore into a body of water or reach down into a man hole.

Our P500 PET Jar is ideal for use with the Sample Nabber.

Settlometer Kit
A kit designed to measure sludge settling characteristics. The kit includes a clear plastic settlometer, wide mixing paddle, snap-on lid, and complete instructions. Calibrated in percent and settled sludge volume (SSV). Bright, white marking contrast vividly with dark sludges allowing easy-to-read interface. Yields information which closely approximates settling in secondary clarifiers and aerobic digesters.

Sludge Judge
The Sludge Judge enables you to take accurate readings on settleable solids in any liquid, to any depth.

Lower the Sludge Judge to the bottom of a tank you would like to sample. When the bottom has been reached and the pipe has filled to the surface level, tug slightly on the rope as you begin to raise the unit. This sets the check valve, trapping the column of solids and liquid in the Sludge Judge.

When the unit has been raised clear of the liquid, the amount of solids in the sample can be read using the one-foot increments marked on the pipe sections. To release the material in the unit, touch the pin extending from the bottom section against a hard surface. This opens the check valve to drain the liquids and solids. The capacity is 3 oz per foot.

The Sludge Judge is ideal for sewage treatment plants, chemical plants, food processing facilities ... anywhere that accurate samples of solids in non-caustic materials are needed.

The Sludge Judge comes in five-foot sections of .75" plasic pipe with screw-type fittings. The top section includes a nylon line for raising the sampler. A convenient carrying case is available.

Soil Sampling Kits

The standard soil sampling kits on this page are of finest workmanship and materials. Augers and sampling tube parts are finely machined for smooth, easy sampling. Easily taken apart for convenient carrying in heavy fibreboard case. Parts marked at 6 intervals to indicate sampling depth.

Tank Sampler

Taking a sample from the 9-foot level of a 10-foot tank used to be difficult, but not with our Tank Sampler.

Available as a 10-foot unit (made up of two 5-foot sections) or with extra middle sections (optional) to extend the length. The standard unit is ideal for taking samples from a one-foot to 10-foot body of liquid. The sampler is made of tough .75" diameter, special plastic pipe. Sampler holds approximately 95mL (3 oz) per foot.

Just screw the two sections together, and lower the unit to the specific level required ( the sampler is marked in one-foot increments). Pull the wire which opens the valve. Next, release the cord allowing the valve to close, trapping the sample inside. To release the sample, hold the sampler in the middle at about a 15 degree angle and pull the wire, holding the end over an appropriate container, or press and hold the pin on the bottom of the pail. This will release the valve and the sample will flow out.

Extra 5-foot middle sections are available to extend the tank sampler. This option also includes extra 5-foot lengths of stainless steel wire. Just screw in new section and add wire to existing section.